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Examples of the tongues you can submit here

Mature Content

Chelsea - messy eater by Saftkeur
Annika/Amelia - vore kiss by Saftkeur

Mature Content

Sari/Risa - breath play PoV [commission] by Saftkeur

Mature Content

Sari/Risa - breath play [commission] by Saftkeur

Mature Content

Lola/Daishiro - cat treat 2 [commission] by Saftkeur

Mature Content

Lola/Annika/Daishiro - cat treat [commission] by Saftkeur

Mature Content

sticky situation by Saftkeur
Risa - squishy playtime by Saftkeur

Mature Content

Annika - bedtime snack by Saftkeur

Mature Content

Sari - just a taste... by Saftkeur

:above: Artwork by :iconsaftkeur:Saftkeur :above:

Hello everyone. I setup this group cuz' I can't seem to find any group that has anything that has to do with oral fetish. Yeah and now I just kept staring at the group's avatar....

So sexy :iconlong-tongue-klub:

Yeah all this art is done by me. You guys can submit your arts here too if you wanna. Or just at least do it. But beware that I only accept art when I see it. So I dunno, maybe you have to depend on luck itself.

So here are the rules...

;)You can...;)
:bulletpink: Submit tongues that comes out of any girl, the exclusion will be stated it the cannot rules
:bulletpink: Draw it in anime style
:bulletpink: Submit a photograph of your own tongue with your camera, but make sure it's long or longer than usual
:bulletpink: Nudity is allowed as it should be
:bulletpink: Submit a drawing of a girl licking any object, as long as it is not anything like 2girls1cup
:bulletpink: You can have the tongue of a dude, but it MUST be a drawing
:bulletpink: You can have the tongue pierced or splitted
:bulletpink: The tongue can come in any color
:bulletpink: The tongue can have any liquid on it like let's say milk, breast milk, water, saliva, etc.
:bulletpink: You can also submit a futanari (a girl with a penis) to this group. But I must warn you, if you have that penis erected, I will not take responsibility. dA doesn't allow erected penis, so I will leave it until dA staff decides to delete it. So it it better for you to have the penis down
:bulletpink: A girl licking a guy's cheek or chest or anywhere else except for the penis or nipples or the lower body
:bulletpink: You can watch the group if you are only capable of looking at tongues but do not have the ability yet to master the drawing of tongues
:bulletpink: Tongue that behaves like tentacles in anyway
:bulletpink: Tongues that are so long that they can go how far they want to.
:bulletpink: Tongues in any style (3d, digital art, traditional art, cartoon, anime, realism, etc.)

:angered:YOU CANNOT!...:angered:
:bulletpurple: Submit a photo of a tongue that has terrible wrinkles on it
:bulletpurple: Submit a camera photo of a male's tongue, not unless it is a drawing then yes it is allowed
:bulletpurple: Do not submit a tongue that comes out of a girl that is overweight or hideous.
:bulletpurple: Do not submit uncensored pornography, I strongly advise the censoring of it. However do give me the link if you have an uncensored version. Heh heh :lol:
:bulletpurple: Girls/Girl licking poop, garbage, animals or anything unusually disgusting
:bulletpurple: Homosexual Tongue Kissing, please.
:bulletpurple: No decapitation, gore or a damaged tongue
:bulletpurple: Post abusive comments. No trolling, no insults, no argument (unless you have a point), bad remarks, etc. Be nice to one another. But you do not have to do that in real life
:bulletpurple: Put submissions into the wrong folder, look carefully and know the tongues you draw or took a photograph of

I guess that's all the rules I can think of. Lol :XD: But I do advise you to follow this rules. You should ask me if your submission can get onto this group by commenting at my profile... :iconsamcollends:samcollends or on this group.

Then I'll see whether I should let it into this group.

Alright well cya... :wave:

Group Info

Submit all the long tongues you have or just tongues. But it must be a girl or boys that look like girls in hentai/anime who have one. Here's a club for those who loves long or normal tongues of a girl/boy who looks like a girl in hentai/anime.

Join if you feel the same! :D
Founded 4 Years ago
Nov 22, 2011


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Oral Fetish

5 Members
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Anyone who has also an obsessive mind of tongues which comes out of a girl, anime/hentai dude that looks like a girl, hot free to join as a co-founder or a contributor as usual. All you have to do is comment here saying that you want to be one and the approval will be certain as well as the declination.

Alright, well, keep licking and showing off the tongues :iconleleleplz: See you people soon ;)
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Miketool Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist
I will respect other artist by not submitting art in bad taste or that may offend others during which time I which time let keep one thing in mind some the comment made here I will keep an open mind .

have a good day .
samcollends Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :)

Message from founder ;)
Miketool Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist
First I would like to add that I like the hot bodies on many of the female draw here it please me very much . This have inspire me through my whole art career
samcollends Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well good for you :)

Message From Founder
Miketool Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist
The art inspire me where as an artist I always has a fascination for new stuff blend with old stuff .
samcollends Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes :)

Message From Founder
MonochromeRaver Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I would Love to Open my Commissions to a Brand NEW area.
I'm Offering a Small price of 220:points:!!!
For a Full Body, with a simple back ground!
I draw both Traditional AND Digital! [link]
samcollends Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh sure, but there should be some tongues :)
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